merry merry season

christmas day photo taken by jody
hope you are having fun and keeping warm or cool.


some things that make me happy

cold air and sunshine, clean sheets, hot waterbottles (filled), fleamarkets, essential oils, herbs, clean floors, empty spaces, hana, travel, my mum, my mums dog, seeing my mum with her dog, my mums soup, my mums handkerchief drawer, my sister, my sister pulling up at my mums driveway to pick me up, hana healthy, hana happy, bikeriding, the smell of art shops, the smell of health food shops, organic food, wholistic care, beatiful clothes that fit, letters, dreaming.
inspired by manda and kate


weaning myself off coffee moving onto green tea via japanese sweets.

hana s embroidery. teaching me everyday.


last night i finished our advent calender.hana helped me cut the numbers.when she went to bed i needed her help to finish.her wonkiness couldnt be replicated.
when i woke up koichi had opened up until day 5! .....
i stuck them down.
the stickers hana got werent as satisfying as the doll she imagined would jump out of the paper.
the tree comes inside on the s outside having a drink from the sky.


saturday morning breakfast.forgot to take a photo of the foods we ate.
went with friends from australia i havent seen for 6 suprised how much their kids have grown.hana played so happily.
i have a sore throat.possibly allergic to my apartment or maybe i am run down and serioulsy anemic. have been sculling ginger concotions.i love ginger.
bought a new christmas tree.cut up the dead one with my neighbours tough swiss army knife.that was a bit sad.hana was a little traumatised by the whole thing..


hana with mountain crabs and wild grapes (presents from hotel staff).the crabs are best eaten as tempura.eww.

i finally bought some fabric which was so hard to find when it was released.this is my favourite colourway.have no idea what to make or if i will make anything.


fruit peel

weekend pools

indigo vats (plant derived!) Matsuba
hot spring (with slide!) Nasu


beautiful flower shop in nakameguro.i couldnt buy any.they all belonged in there.



i dont remember the last time i saw rainbowS.
the sky really is so beautiful everyday.
all the fruit trees were in full bloom.
some early mornings i heard owls. most days i saw wrens.

this is the house i would buy if i lived in kyabram.not that its for sale.not that i probably would if it was.but i hope that changes.

hi there.we are back in tokyo after visiting home for a little more than a month.

speaking of watermelon..
i would really like to know where i can buy the fruit in this country that is not perfect not packed in polystyrene not imported not crazy expensive not dried and organic. it s out there somewhere surely. and yes that is a square mamma watermelon with square baby.


strawberry flavoured watermelon biscuit with choc chips.
hana is at a doll dressing up stage.she made some new clothes from felt for her.i just sewed the bits on.
i started making hana a new doll last night.she is constructed like a waldorf doll. i thought about her today when i was out.i wanted to come home and work on her.slowly she now has a face.and a neck.a nice weight so far.and nice cheek bones.
we went to the yokosuka museum to see the bruno munari exhibition. after, koichi and hana swam in a pretty grey looking ocean across the the museum there were 2 other things i loved. a painting by Asai Kan e mon called roses.up close it was just a mass of colour mixed thick chunky oil paints that as hana said still looked wet nearly 30 years on, but far away it was a vase of garden picked full bloom flowers.hana and i liked that.and then there was another show of musical objects that we could play with. heavy metal balls, like the little one i have on a necklace, to roll about on structures or cylinders with curved bottoms to rock back and forward.they sounded beautiful.


tokyo art book fair

i knew if i went kayaking on saturday i could get koichi to look after hana while i went to the art book fair on sunday.i wanted to go last year but i heard the crowds were crazy.
so i went sunday alone and i had lots of fun.
i got to see people i hadnt seen in ages and i could chat to them for as long as i or they liked.
i suppose this was the best part for me.
im sure there were many many more books i missed but i was happy with what i saw.
the venue is pretty fancy.i will check out the rooftop garden next time.

anna missing in action but i found her, i wish she still lived in tokyo.

noriko sato

i love these 3 zines (are they zines?) i bought from her (was it her?) at the book fair.they are A3 pages folded in 1/2 then 1/2 then 1/2 again.opened right up on one side a large collage on the other side the smaller ones.

manon van kouswijk's book hanging around which i bought at the book fair.

hana and hanna s exhibition is so beautiful!! lovely to see the work up close.i fell in love with hanna s dandelion bits plate..
one good thing about not being able to go back to australia was i was able to go to the opening and meet hana and hanna.


im telling myself its too hot to cook.ive heard some people say it and it sounds good to me for dinner time we usually go out.lucky there are some nice places nearby.a little night time bikeride is good too.tonight there was lightning as we rode which was a little exciting scary.
i have conjunctivitis.ive spent today bathing my eye in chamomile.its made it almost better.wonderful plant.
today i bought i huge bag of sunflower seeds we are going to dye some wool.i wanted to collect them from the huge headed flowers that usually grow at the nearby park but they didnt plant them this year.there are some in shibuya, i ll have to go raid them.i just have this sudden urge to dye with plants.i used henna on my hand today but the line was soo thick so i washed still smells good though.



so, my faithful mac is in pieces.after an unsuccessful trip to a fleamarket monday(public holiday) morning, after losing the auction for the below tshirt the night before, i opened the front door to find my computer sitting in a puddle of water as hana had just kicked over a glass whilst attempting to hide from me.tomorrow i have to take it to the genius bar at the mac shop and hopefully its not thinking it is.i tried to turn it on.when it was still wet.which i read is like throwing a hairdryer in a full bath.not empty im using one borrowed from my lovely neighbour.he has 5.he loves apple.he went to a steiner school and has feet 30cm long.he is climbing fuji san tonight and live streaming it.
so for now i cant add photos, maybe not for a while... and i have some really good ones to show of a tree house.


yahoo auction japan stalking.a tshirt i designed that would fit hana.4 days left..