our friends were married on wednesday. that was such a beautiful nice to see such a fresh and happy many rituals on the day, their warmth softened the edges. hana did so well considered how long she had to sit and be quiet for. after my meeting tomorrow i have so much playtime to make up to her.i hope i havent scarred her for life with my moodswinging sleep deprived hormone induced mentalness.


the drawing we do when woken at 7am is much lovelier than the drawings i am doing alone at 11pm.
michelle sent me back to my childhood on an unsuspecting afternoon in tokyo when the postman came with heavy envelopes full of old other photo is just a polaroid of a catalogue shooting we were helping our firend out with.hana lost her beloved storkmaiden massage doll on the same day and ive been trying to find it ever since.
the house is full of flowers. the woman at the local flower shop gave me this amazing bunch of pink roses.i was so happy.everytime i look at them they send pink through my body.they look home many petals on dropped its head so i scattered the petals at the front door.on concrete.but wouldnt it be nice to have a garden of potpourri grounds.. until then, i tear my old roses up.
when i went to paris there was a cafe i photographed with old bevelled small mirrors on the wall behing the counter. the photo is on my dead computer but it was something like ebay search is old mirror.they are so annoying.


hanas flower arrangement.


he brings home the strangest presents for hana.


hana is enjoying glitter in her playdoh as i am on my nails.i love all that glitters.
she has also learnt to roll balls.
my beautiful new shoes (totally seduced by the colour, and how it will go with nothing i have but everything i imagine) kill my feet and give me in blisters in places im sure no other shoes would.
watched kramer vs kramer last night for the first time and cried a small lake.
really should be over there drawing. not on here babbling.