and this little patch of paradise caught my eye today. the fact it was growing in the middle of concrete jungle at its mostest made it even more glorious.i never use the word glorious but now i know it was meant for chamomile and sun.


been shopping. ghost bag and flower shoes. my wall but not my day i will make something again.but for now i will just ride my bike .round and round and round.



anthony has gone. we mastered tempura. we hung out. and i smiled and laughed and coughed like i havent in a long time.

why did this happen.i remember the day it happened that hana pulled off one of these little green socks and threw it from her pram.i dont know the moment or else the sock wouldnt have been lost. i was tired of retracing steps and this time it was nearly impossible because i had just gone down a really steep i gave up and was sad because i really loved those socks.this was probably a year the other day i was looking in a select shop selling beautiful products from all over japan. the choice was really special.glassware, lacquer ware, textiles etc.a man i knew was working there and perhaps the buyer too.i was talking to him at the counter when i noticed a little green sock sitting there with a small selection of other was hanas sock.definately.who knows if he could believe it but i know it was.the shop is in the hotel where koichi had his office, is in the same area where we lost the sock.but the shop is new.someone handed it in at the hotel.something is lost in translation but anyway it was strange and he wanted to give it to me but i insisted he keep it.anyway i dont know where the other one now just occured to me that maybe that is the other one? maybe one is still on the hill.

and do i need to tell you that i am a little mental at the moment?
mummas new wheels


anth posting again, bare with me...........
Miss Melindas indoor Birthday Aquarium

As the Lady voice over on the train continually tells me when we arrive, SHIBUYA SHIBUYA

This is a game i like to call what are they thinking???? Bloody hell Hana, if we have to take Uncle Anthony to another fricken rice cracker shop...Grrrr

I finally found a nice quite spot in a Temple/Garden in Kyoto. Not a sharply dressed, polite japanese person, or bewildered tourist in sight. Have had sensory overload in the past week, not complaining as its been exciting. People who know me, know im a quiet boy most of the time and i love my space, so even though it was only fifteen minutes to myself hidden away in this garden, it was better than a cold beer after 10 days in the desert.

p.s been 2 more small earthquakes occur and excessive amounts of japanese sweets consumed since last post,



anthony decorated the roof with all sorts of creatures for my birthday.thats when the smiles started and they lasted all day.

no photos yet of the new bike he also bought me ! sore stomach from the laughter and fingers crossed no pneumonia for hana from the blockie i did with her in her pjs...oh god he bought me a bike! tomorrow please no much fun.



sorry but we are keeping him.


OMG!!!!!!!!!! The above pictures really dont represent the day we had, however there isnt enough room in melindas toilet for me and the camera, otherwise i would of happily taken a photo of me shitting myself. Ok maybe i might be slightly overdoing it, but you try sitting in the kitchen while the house your in starts to shake with objects falling from the shelf next to you. Thats right, ive been on this strangly shaped Island (japan) for all of three days and what do i get welcomed with, EARTHQUAKE!!!!!! Now it wasnt long or big enough to have me diving for the kitchen table, and melinda and hanna were busy scrubbing each others backs in the shower to notice untill the final stages, but mr earthquake seriously had the building moving and me questioning my decision not to get travel insurance.
Mel and Han have been taking me exploring the local shops and parks, also lots of eating and eating over last few days, its been fun, however being on holidays you would think that the last place you would end up at is back at school. I found myself at the University of Train Transport Japan today. My Lecturer for today was Professor Melinda. Must say i didnt listen much initially, and i started getting dizzzy staring at all the different coloured train loops, but by the end of the day i was a A student. Managed to travel to a few different towns by myself tonight on train, Shibuya was the biggest, or should i say massivest. My one Night in the Rat Race of Japan will probably tide me over for the rest of my life. Im looking forward to going to Kyoto and exploring potterys、and taking photos of more beautiful cherry blossoms, will never get sick of them. Melindas cold getting better, so hopefully she will have enough enegry soon to regain control of her blog, thats if me let her, hehe. ANTH X
Oh yeah, also went to the Jap Pokies today, what a weird place that is, didnt bother playing but cos couldnt find the panther dollar machine.


Well the bearded beast has arrived. After an extremely painfull - 2 seven hour plane flights, a six dollar shower at singapore and a run in with airport security over contact lens solution, i made it. My poor sistas journery to come meet and wait for me was nearly as long, seven hours. Pilot was doing laps above Tokyo for 45 mins before he would land, said something about wind too strong, wateva, personally i think he wanted to see the end of the in flight movie, The Golden Compass. LAME. Difficult to belive im here, didnt spend much time thinking about coming, so its like i just woke up in another country. Mel and Hanna havnt changed much, especially Melinda, you should of seen her dive for the easter eggs when i opened my suitcase. After one day, few things me noticed about Japan. Locals are very gentle, kind, friendly, lots of them, streets are small and cute, lots of nice shops, OMG the food = heaven, coffe in a can out of a vending machine not bad, taxi drivers are wanna be rally drivers, dont have to wear seat belts, cherry blossoms beatiful, melinda made stock out of a guinea pig, lol kdding, she reckons it was chicken. Have no idea what im going to see or experince over next two weeks, but im sure it will be unreal and if i can get away with only putting on 10kgs ill be happy. Love you all. Anth