added to my morning ritual of folding futons and coffee making and nappy changing etcetc is sliding a door 30cm at around 9 ish to let the sun dance rainbows on the wooden beam and if im lucky warm my toes.
had a meeting today about new patterns and it went well.

i have a green light and i need to speed.i didnt realise that next week is the start of december.and my next meeting with developed ideas is the 2 of december.oh dear.and friends visiting tomorrow the next day and the day after.i really want to cancel partly because i have a problem with schedules and socialising but i know it is really better for me and hana not too. i am such a hermit. and the house really does need a clean.which saddens me that it takes someone to come over for me to really look at the renovating just because you are going to sell.maybe not.

i did buy hana some beautiful flowers today including some little berries as she has a fascination with all things round /small and favourite she says. i was feeling pink after the meeting. and hana is also liking playdough.


finished.did i mention i was knitting a hat for hana with 4 needles.first time to succeed.i perservered even though it drove me a little crazy and i have seen many cute hats come into the shops this season that i could easily have bought.knitting time is kinda scarce at the moment.but, i am so proud i could do it and hana loves it.this is the patternhere found through ravelry.


planting sweetpeas and mizuna.

adding to my collections of boxes/inks.


7 random things

because brita asked me.
1.i have no favourite colour food smell movie or music
2.i like to fold cloth
3.i dont know what i look like from behind and wouldnt know even if i could see fathers sister turns 100 today and i would love to see her
5.i prefer plain clothes to patterned but most of my clothes are patterned and i am a textile print designer
6.actually hana is my favourite smell taking too much of my sleep time..
she was a cat and
she was a rabbit


have spent the evening reheating my waterbottle and cutting into beautiful papers without any idea of what i am cutting out but hoping that it will turn out beautiful.unfortuanately for me, the paper and my boss it didnt.oh dear.pressure to create.kills it everytime.