fate sent me here today. and here was far away and with not much else around. an exhibition of textiles and original drawings, paintings etc by katsuji wakisaka. we were on our way to a park and the poster at the entrance caught my eye.the invitation has been sitting on my kitchen table for a month but i had no idea how to get there or where there was.
if you live in tokyo or kanagawa or anywhere if you are really keen, the exhibition is worth happening upon. it finishes this sunday go here for details.
the photos being a big no no were an accident of course.
he has worked for marimekko and now sou sou . the pile of hundreds of postcards he sent daily to his wife, all handpainted, were so impressive.i bought that sad.
the weather is so so heavy.eating a whole bag of wasabi broad beans doesnt help.nor does macadamia haagen daaz.lucky my little hana likes her icecream too so we can share.

hana with birds nest and clip taking in the view from above.



wherever i am next year i want to plant these in the nearest dirt to me.



its the season for red shiso (perilla) juice making again (care of obaachan).



last night hana and i went to the exhibition opening of australian architect glenn murcutt.i didnt get to see much of the show but i will go back for that.we spent most of the time stuffing our faces and playing with his granddaughter cute she blonde and her eyes brilliant blue.hana and her played and kissed and hana was fascinated that she was having booboo but hana wasnt.thankgod i wore a the time i was saying poor hana i should have worn a skirt.i really have to make an effort for hana to have some friends the same age.i can see how much she loves them.she was saying alice alice on the way home nearly falling asleep. so we ate salads, cheeses, lasagna, fruits, small assorted desserts.hana dirtied her nappy 3 times before 8am this morning.thats a record.i didnt even hear the speeches and missed my chance to meet the therese rein , kevin rudds wife, who opened the show.i was really looking forward to showing mum a photo more so than meeting her.. and i didnt get to ask mr murcutt (or congratualte him) if i could have the house he keeps spare or even just a room.

but it was was fun to come out at dark with lights everywhere and hana to go woww.and the train home thats never fun.neither is the humidity.none of glenn murcutts houses he designed have airconditioning.the way they are designed they dont need it. today i am organising this room.i cant call it a house.i want to empty over even cleaning the cupboards.and i added little boxes which soak up the humidity.
how am i ever going to own a house? i have to ask myself this question often.or one like it anyway.



parkin cake is really delicious! i first saw a picture here and she got the recipe from here . i will never feel sad when my bananas turn brown again.
this little cat was drawn for print.i dont own the print or brooch but im happy they are making more



chamomile has nearly finished.sadly the echinecea seeds havent sprouted so nothing so beautiful to replace the last flowers in the garden.

so just hang some beautiful african batik.

and these biwa from a garden close to our house picked by me with very very hard to control longest garden clippers ever.and the fruit is now one of hana s favourites.

finished the rain project with a rainbow for the back cover.



it has rained 3 days straight.thank whoever its sunny today.hana has ripped her plastic maclaren i dont know where to get a new one pram cover to shreds.i have tried to take what i can from the rain to inspire some works for my illustration project.i decided i need sun to draw rain.of course i when its sunny what am i doing.telling you, doing washing, vacumming, about to cook chiffon cake.and yesterday...the emily kame kngwarreye exhibition. too beautiful for words.i just want to soak them up a bit more.let them colour me in.

body art

poster at hiroo station.

photo at eames 100 photo exhibition.