chamomile has nearly finished.sadly the echinecea seeds havent sprouted so nothing so beautiful to replace the last flowers in the garden.

so just hang some beautiful african batik.

and these biwa from a garden close to our house picked by me with very very hard to control longest garden clippers ever.and the fruit is now one of hana s favourites.


manda said...

strange looking fruit indeed. are they plum like? citrussy? biwa? ha? are you sure ? you little fruit picking criminal he hee... did hana keep watch or hold your ankles so you didnt fall.

melindatrees said...

manda manda i could never steal fruit (in japan).from echinacea ladys garden. they have big brown ball shaped seeds inside and they are cherry like in texture.theyer called locquat in english i think some strega nonnas in flemington used to have big trees too :-)

manda said...

oh you ruined my little cartoon in my head.