pretty dirty

from the little seed blog i found this link to a guy who makes stencils on walls by washing away the dirt.have a look for all you clean or dirt lovers.but i cant seem to post a link that works so it is worth searching on youtube with the words reverse graffiti project.


i am still sometimes here.but since my beloved white laptop is now in two pieces and i have to use this slow humming black draining lump it has kinda made the interent not as appealing.thats just one of my excuses/reasons.others include debilitating heat,psychos in my life, toddler come siamese twin, rediscovering books and i could go on but what for, i have a meme to get to from
brita .

what are the five things on your list to do today?
since its tonight and i have nothing to do tomorrow shall i tell you about what i did today?
one million chores bfore 9am.
bought coffee on the way to the station.recently havent been so into it mainly because i cant get a decent one.ahh pellegrinis i love you. wish i could make a dandelion latte like the one i had in melbourne with jeremy and kayo.dandelion in japanese is tanpopo or tampopo.tanmpopo latte.dont think that will happen at starbucks anytime soon enough.
visited koichis parents for the first time since ive been back.blurry.
visited koichis 92 year old grandmother in hospital after a hip operation.that was shocking.old grandma is gone.and new one i couldnt reach.
in the same ward a nursery with 5 newborn babies in cribs, lined up at the window for everyone to see including their parents.mother and father watching there baby through the glass next to us watching their baby through the glass.
then it rained.thankfully.
now i just have to make it from this chair to the futon and i will be HAPPY.
i hope that is five.

3 snacks you enjoy?
chocolate coated lady red love heart chocolates.wasabi flavoured senbei / ricecrackers.
4 places you have lived?
melbourne bendigo tokyo and smaller places in between.
5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?
share my money
hire some hitmen
buy curtains for my mum
build fences for manda and murray
buy a baby for hana

6 people you want to know more about?
my family (thats way more than 6)