merry christmas.the sun was beautiful so full.koichi lost the scarf i knitted him (and only gave him 2 hours earlier), it feels like it is five hours later than it is so im off to bed.really looking forward to having nothing to do for a few days.really want to knit one of theseor two.


these are hanas new babies...anita she has already bathed them .for some reason they wouldnt join in on the other post.

saturday night

the days are becoming a blur.i am talking to myself.buying fruit without seeing it.knitting in the dark.riding my bike faster than rushing giving away the delicious organic chocolate i got from not normal.wild beautiful is wild rice.
my family are having a christmas party tonight.i will use the should word.i should be there.i got two beautiful parcels from my sister anita one from my mum.i wasnt going to oopen them until christmas but the other two couldnt wait.hana is in love with her new friends as am i and i want to use her new purse.i could have called to thank them as they are all under the one roof tonight but i couldnt make it anymore real that i am not there too.
ive been baking all day.and everything else.the house smells thick it is i can taste it.maybe.that could just be that i havent stopped eating while i have been cooking.
i bought new the family sale.beautiful.and they make it easier to get dressed in the morning.
other than that, who knows.


i think i may have cut my final piece of paper and washed oil pastel from my fingers for the last time this year tonight.moving right along there is knitting sewing and baking to be done.and the dreaded have i really cut my final piece of paper, washed oil pastel from my fingers for the last time this year, meeting tomorrow followed by a family sale of beautiful clothes that will hopefully fit some part of my body.



last minute madness to send off gifts.i even braved shibuya on a weekend in the rain carrying hana on my hip for at least 3 hours. no photos of shibuya.the maple trees are so christmas paper is definately autumn inspired, not very chrismassy at all.

hana wants a letter for christmas from santa.

the christmas lights looked very cool reflecting in the gocco.


whilst she sleeps

there are far too many patterns and clutter in this wonder i cant sleep.and i really should sleep because im taking too many shortcuts in the daytime. and koichi is on a plane to america.with a list as long as my leg of supplies to bring us back.and i am a single mother again.working in the day and at night.and im doing it.and i should sleep.and i should finish my work instead of procrastinating so i can make the christmas presents i so want to.



we should


out of tokyo

a little more often.



yesterday i forgot my sketchbooks at work so they arrived here today with all the others i left there 2 or 3 years ago.inside this huge box were many of the small boxes i used to keep on my desk.the kitchen was my favourite haunt at work because we were sent so many beautiful sweets from all over japan in the most beautiful patterned and coloured boxes.i made many trips to the kitchen on the day it looked like the box was fianlly going to be empty. when i opened them tonight i found some things im not sure are still mine but i really want to keep.


big light off
small lights on
big light on
small yams mukago
cooked in rice cooker with a little salt and sake.yummmm.
christmas tree is up and delighting.