yesterday i forgot my sketchbooks at work so they arrived here today with all the others i left there 2 or 3 years ago.inside this huge box were many of the small boxes i used to keep on my desk.the kitchen was my favourite haunt at work because we were sent so many beautiful sweets from all over japan in the most beautiful patterned and coloured boxes.i made many trips to the kitchen on the day it looked like the box was fianlly going to be empty. when i opened them tonight i found some things im not sure are still mine but i really want to keep.


momo said...

I remember how exciting to get omiyage from people when I was a little girl. I was more fascinated in how itis wrapped or how pretty the paper or box was than what's inside. Alghout tiny cakes and biscuit were nicely arranged inside and that looked pretty too.
Hope you had a nice day.

Loretta said...

Don't be silly all the things sent to you are yours..!!!