last minute madness to send off gifts.i even braved shibuya on a weekend in the rain carrying hana on my hip for at least 3 hours. no photos of shibuya.the maple trees are so christmas paper is definately autumn inspired, not very chrismassy at all.

hana wants a letter for christmas from santa.

the christmas lights looked very cool reflecting in the gocco.


Anonymous said...

shibuya on the weekend?? you are brave!

i have to ask, did you get your gocco here in japan? if so where? hope you don't mind me asking.


melindatrees said...

brave yes. crazy absolutely.i got the gocco at a fleamarket for 500 friend found two at hard off (book off chain) for less than.tahoo auction japan is another sometimes cheap place :-)

manda said...

god, im trying to avoid shepparton and you went to shibuya. thats more than brave lol... cute santas .

melindatrees said...

yahoo ausction is what i meant to type.
manda, thats so funny.

Brita said...

I could have sworn I looked at your blog yesterday and I saw lots of beautiful wrapped up Melinda presents but maybe I dreamt them when I saw the gocco. Have a wonderful Christmas if I don't write before. And guess what: after 9 long years I leave the bookshop on Christmas Eve. It's actually quite hard to believe. Happy Christmas Melindatrees and to your beautiful family too xx

melindatrees said...

brita you werent dreaming ;-)
i had to take the photo down.

jurate said...

Thank you lovely! We got your chrissy greetings today & are hoping the weather warms up enough for BEER!