Well she isn t quite an elf but i had to write something to do with christmas...actually this post is about her pants.and they are green...
i found this great site (which i would give a link to if i knew how to) that taught me how to make baby pants from old this is my attempt.the arms became legs and the turtle neck became a belly warmer. i bought the sweater at a fleamarket for 50cents-yen. now all those sweaters that are too small for me right now ,sitting in my cupboards, are under threat...
as for little hana these days or should i say nights..she has decided it is time to scream.i have no idea how to stop her.tonight i had to laugh at myself because i was explaining to her that even though i screamed just like that when she was born i had a very good reason and she cant just scream for no really good reason. its just getting too cold to put her in the sling and do blockies.


not melting

if i were home i would be melting....but im in japan and its freezing.its also nearly christmas and my homesickness is amplified at this time of year.starbucks christmas carols just doesnt do it for me.
my camera has about 400 photos on it so to download anything will take an afternoon and i only have minutes because it is daytime and hana knows it is daytime so she knows to sleep only 20minutes todays photo is from my mobile phone.i spent a week sitting at the kitchen table meticulously cutting away at coloured contact to make tiny christmas decorations for our big tree.sometimes it feels like i have no time and then its like i have all the time in the world.



hana has a new change table.actually she didnt have an old one.she has wet my futon 2 days in a row so i think an easily wipe downable aluminium table will suit us better.she loves no nappy.and she loves been up on this table surrounded by all my bits and her favourite was possibly the windchime.


day and night

my breakfast banana and strawberry smoothie was extra nice to me and gave me a smile, it knows i am not sleeping.

perhaps the lack of sleep had something to do with finding the ultimate baby shoe pattern and really wanting to started on it, hence sewing on the snap buttons by 6am. my baby has hardly any clothes, no bed, no blankets but it will have warm feet.

look at this cake made by hiromi san for the soccer party last night. unfortunately i was too full on curry rice to eat it. the grass was green tea powder, it smelt wonderful.



thankyou to our friends for a very special dinner on sunday to celebrate our marriage and pregnancy.our small apartment now looks like a flower shop thanks to you, new beauty from colours and smells.
recently i have had so much on my mind the weight of it all has slowed me down prematurely. but over the past few days i have managed to cross many words off the list: visa, flight,hospital visit...
i made my first toy? for baby from koichi and my was supposed to be an owl but many people have called it other things.this is good, the kind of toy i would have liked to make, one where it becomes what the viewer sees..i wonder what baby will think it is.


sweet confetti

these are little individually bagged sweets (conpetto and smartie like chocolates) i bought in kyoto.i wish i could stop eating them for long enough to admire the amazing colour combinations that occur in this 5x4cm bag.lucky i have a camera.


kyoto easter

easter came and went quickly. only happy memories and severe constipation remain.koichi and i made a last minute decision to go to kyoto for the weekend.the highlights are endless the photos not many..we went to a craft market at chionji temple, not the eucalyptus smelling kind of market i grew up with and loved but the atmosphere was the similiar.
lots of pickles, pottery, kimonos and cakes. warming chai and relaxing massage.didnt matter about the rain and wet feet...i will never find a pair of water proof shoes..
i found a house i would be more than happy to take off the owners hands.

along the sakura lined philosophers canal we walked to the hundertwasser exhibition!
ahhhhhhhhh... the pictures oozed beauty, dripping down the walls leaking under the doors and out into the streets painting the grey day with drenching colour.ahhhhh......................i wish everyone had the chance to see this exhibition.

from here we indulged in the food street of nishijiki market, where i ate too many tofu donuts and anything else i wanted to compensate for missing my yearly tradition of overdosing on easter eggs.
little did i know i would also do this when i got back to tokyo.easter koala and rabbits actually.the eggs were last week.......

now i wait for the beautiful green linen i bought yesterday in tokyos own sydney road brunswick, nippori, to dry before i make a tent to accomodate this daily growing bundle of bouncing, turning ,squirming ,delight in my belly :-)



we decided to have a birthweekend rather than a birthday.koichi's blossom confetti has definately been the highlight so far.



i am melinda therese. i dont know yet what to do with a blog.