yokoyama yuichi ♥ opening party goodness.flavours inside flavours.


mmm mame daifuku, we meet again. i fell in love with japanese sweets all over again today.

my billums.i love them.all bought at fleamarkets. 2 in the same month recently in tokyo.the others from camberwell market more than 10 years ago.
now im keeping my eyes out for a cast iron tape dispenser like this.something about cast iron and fluro pink masking tape delights me.or any masking tape.and hana gets so frustrated when the tape cutter moves as shes trying to tear it off.
blahh blahh.


great little book filled with pictures made by japanese grade 4 or 5? children.

i swear i didnt copy it but jeepers look at scarf above...

my sister and i are going to make an online opshop.japan and australia finds.because all the fun is in finding and my room is full and so are hers.arent we manda?

2 exhibitions

yokoyama yuichi

inokuma genichiro.


ginza mikimoto

ginza subway


next door spider infested area.very scarey to walk on.ironically i threw all my worm infested dirt over the balcony and onto all last years chamomile is doing wonderfully over there.i went and stole it and repotted it.ridiculous.

ps) im not the crazy one who sweeps up petals.


picnic spot

cape gooseberries, primrose and tarragon and something.please grow big.


happy easter

we woke up far to early without me knowing it.but got to feel the sun coming up.mmmm.hana said easter bunny is so sweet for leaving her she is pecking my head with her hen or maybe rooster.

and our neighbours tonight are having hanami in their room, spot lights on the cherry blossoms.makes nice viewing from the futon.


little hana with her friend oden.
cherry blossoms out my window.
picnic in the park.yamano san with gold nasa endorsed blanket.

on the train going past nakameguro's meguro river.