it took me a week but i have finally tested out the print goco machine i bought from a flea market last weekend. i forgot how much i love the suprise each time a print is made and how addictive it for the design it is very similar to something i made before called junglegym and well i couldnt get a really clean and clear print so i decided to go with the grit and embrace idea what i will do with all these papers but gee it was fun. hana gave to about 20 minutes of printing pleasure and it was definately long enough to get that little fire in me burning again..

i wish i could say hana looked this happy after i had tried to distract her with one hand as i printed with the other but she didnt. i am happy though to show you her beautiful smile which i finally managed to photograph.her big cheeks are rosy and so much water runs from her mouth but those little teeth are still hiding away (deeply?) in her gums.