showa kinen park. misty forest and hana.


eating-yamagata cherries
planning-raspberry picking weekend in yamagata
missing-my mum
thinking-of taking hana to a homeopath as soon as possible
i should be planning the homeopath visit.
lili sent hana a wonderful package of inspiration and adornment and play and ♡
thankyou sweet too far away friends.
hana was sick all over me this morning.her eyes were so scared.i tried really hard not to cry too.she was fine as soon as.thankgoodness.
i hope the wind is cool this weekend.


its been so hot and humid.i wonder what i ever did to entertain hana in this heat?now must be about the time i get on an aeroplane? i thought i was doing her a favour not sending her to kindergarten so young but sometimes i doubt my decision.the girl uses the bored word a little too often.
if i do go away my plants will surely die.hana pointed that out to me today.
this morning she was enjoying watching a queen bee on the echinecea until it flew onto her pointer.two huge tears ran down her face.i swept it off with scissors and they were both fine.i like my plants.
have been sewing.made very wide navy, verging on indigo, linen pants.i threaded elastic in the bottom seams and they are like mums tracksuit pants only linen.
have been wearing my sisters magenta shoes with them.they make that noise when i walk.
the john galliano diptyque candle smells especially good tonight.
have been really slack with cooking.trying to feed hana lots of magnesium to help the cramps she gets in her legs.pumpkin seeds and peanuts, bananas.wish she loved spinach.i can get her to eat almost anything if i tell her she wont be able to watch any madeline on youtube.i hate bribing her.
tomorrow or before i miss it i want to visit this exhibition and buy an umbrella.


Fujiwo Ishimoto

ceramic flower garden.oh my goodness they are so beautiful.the colours and shapes and textures.id like nothing in my house but his ceramics.his textiles are also wonderful.what a talented man.
go see it if you can at spiral, aoyama.


tomato flags at natural house.
bad bad bad waste.


one year ago today

i was in melbourne, loving the shadows of iron lace on old houses.
postponing flights back to tokyo because of sick hana who liked blue lipstick.
staying with my favourite friends in their beautiful home.

susan cianciolo s cookbook, this cookbook is made for jesus. i bought it today.not that i need another cookbook.but its not another cookbook.i like the colloborative paintings between her and her daughter.the messiness, the interview and her recipes.
hana loves to paint cooking too.

my dinner.
after which hana ate chickpea parsley and tomato soup and a bowl full of asparagus.she loves asaparagus again :-)

600 yen. i was seriously tempted.


himonya house.

so-en love letter.

meguro station ikebana


we spent a big chunk of the weekend at

.koichi had a stall there along with lots of others offering fun things to make and do. great food like deep fried pizza (kinda like an italian samosa).hana and i had lots of fun others looked like they did too.look ☟

hana made a colourful airvase.she had the most fun playing with the dressups.awesome glasses.

mitsuru koga
we made a beautiful envelope.the edges were cut with that tool (not sure whats its called)and then folded onto themsleves not needing any glue.its hard to explain...


spoken words project

at D♥Y
this was really nicee.they set up on the hotel roof and it was a really sunny day.they had a lots of cloth which they had already patterned to which you could add more.all with stamps.hana loved it.stamp queen.



a very nice machine that was.definately could have alot of fun with one of those.
i love my mums letters.her writing. and her words to me.
hana and i did a collage and then had it printed.when i was in primary school our worksheets were printed by a similar machine? no actually the ink was more purple and had an intoxicating smell.mm i wonder what that machine was.
andi stole some wattle today. one of the best things at claska their acacia.