Fujiwo Ishimoto

ceramic flower garden.oh my goodness they are so beautiful.the colours and shapes and like nothing in my house but his ceramics.his textiles are also wonderful.what a talented man.
go see it if you can at spiral, aoyama.


Hanna Päivikki said...

wow wow, i didn't know. i will go. good night!

manda said...

i can see why you fell in love. beautiful man to make such flowers.

hannna said...

i recognised spiral... beautiful indeed! i used to live close to his house in helsinki and met him sometimes on the street or supermarket. i once helped him get toilet paper from an upper shelf and once he yelled "sukka!" (sock) when i was pushing V in a pram. she dropped a sock.

i used to buy rye bread from across the street there

melindatrees said...

hanna did you go? its still on for a is your exhibition planning going?
hannna i would be such a stalker if i lived near him.he was actually at the exhibition can you see him in the photo?
and you know after the seeing the show i bought bread across the street.genmai bread.i was kind of annoed at the shop after seeing their tomatoes so i didnt go further than the bread.
manda, so easy to fall in love with a man who loves flowers.

hannna said...

Those tomatos were horrible. like suffocated. i shopped at natural house too, but at the international supermarket, they had bread made with a finnish recipe, and without rye bread it's not possible to go on.

the cook book is arriving but those fabrics, i'm wondering... i didn't even think that they are sold in normal shops. they would be more difficult to send, but would you consider sending me fabric. if i could afford it somehow.

melindatrees said...

hannna, thats the thing, they dont sell them in normal shops! somebody was very naughty selling the test print or a copy.i told mp so they are probably gone by now.
but nippori is good for plain fabrics.i forget how many fabric shops they have but gosh must be near 50? i only go to 3.then the park.then hana is ready to go home.
i wish there was some kind of fabric i could send you from here...

Hanna Päivikki said...

i went there last weekend, thanks for telling about it. beautiful beautiful, and i realised afterwards that it was probably HIM who was sitting there and i wish i'd said something. maybe if i'm around there i'll go again and see if he is there just to say something.
exhibition is going busy, but i hope it's going to be a nice one. hope you can come! maybe the opening is on 24th of july.