its been so hot and humid.i wonder what i ever did to entertain hana in this heat?now must be about the time i get on an aeroplane? i thought i was doing her a favour not sending her to kindergarten so young but sometimes i doubt my decision.the girl uses the bored word a little too often.
if i do go away my plants will surely die.hana pointed that out to me today.
this morning she was enjoying watching a queen bee on the echinecea until it flew onto her pointer.two huge tears ran down her face.i swept it off with scissors and they were both fine.i like my plants.
have been sewing.made very wide navy, verging on indigo, linen pants.i threaded elastic in the bottom seams and they are like mums tracksuit pants only linen.
have been wearing my sisters magenta shoes with them.they make that noise when i walk.
the john galliano diptyque candle smells especially good tonight.
have been really slack with cooking.trying to feed hana lots of magnesium to help the cramps she gets in her legs.pumpkin seeds and peanuts, bananas.wish she loved spinach.i can get her to eat almost anything if i tell her she wont be able to watch any madeline on youtube.i hate bribing her.
tomorrow or before i miss it i want to visit this exhibition and buy an umbrella.


hiki said...

I want to order my umbrella too!! it's so tempting isn't it...
and the tokyo's summer and i never get along either makes me want to do nothing, i don't like using aircon but i just had to turn it on this evening.... i hope the rainy season will at least end soon.

manda said...

nice story xo cant imagine your hotness.... here icy cold and so foggy we dont know where we are xo
p.s how nice of a queen bee to come visit.

melindatrees said...

hi hiki, i turned on the airconditioner yesterday.i couldnt help it.i put it off because i thought once it goes on there is no turning back but today is cooler isnt it.and gosh having it on lifted my mood.i had to google to understand the remote control!
think i will go see the umbrellas today :-)
hi manda, foggy and ice ahh makes me cooler thinking about it.

kelly said...

i think you are doing a good thing keeping Hana home. I am glad we waited. sometimes I think it would've been better to wait even another year!

your post made me remember that we have something to send Hana - its in the works. might stop the dreaded B word for a day or so (^.^)

ryuji is tokyo this week and i am jealous. NY next month. even more jealous!

momo said...

mmm, it is not that hot in Nara. Two blankets at night, actually. Pretty sure it will be unpleasent very soon here too.

Pretty umbrella makes rainy season easier. It is quite shocking how bad umbrellas that we can buy in Brisbane. Design wise as well as how quickly we have to go and buy crappy one again! I am going to buy one here or a buy a kit.

Happy tsuyu.

hannna said...

it would be nice to have it very hot like one day per week... i was surprised how ok the tokyo summer was for me. of course having a kid or many would feel different too. and having to cook for them... i received the book! it's nice!
i made spinach soup, maybe Hana would like it? it's so soft and easy food. it's made with milk in it.
i think i would never be able to cut any MP fabric, so in a way it's better not to have any.