i have a deadline.big one.lots of patterns in little i am knitting.with double pointed needles.and im thinking of my mum.and how much id love to show her. i can finally do it (knit) because i dont know what to draw.its amazing all the things i can do when i have a deadline.

pretty light


but these were better.

slide hair circle



beautiful autumn wind blew many ginkgo nuts off the trees today.standing under the tree and waiting for them to drop was quite addictive.chopsticks in hand we picked up far too many.they have a fleshy putrid smelling case that usually splats on whatever they land on.thankfully not me today.we then had to take them home and clean them.usually doesnt bother me the smell.but today it was pretty intense.the wind is much stronger tonight than it was today...

id love to get on the roof next to the tree.

the splats on road remind me of yellow lichen on dead branches at mandas farm.

pan heated until they hiss.cracked and eaten with salt.

hana cuteness


these little orange flowers (kinmokusei) are doing a good job of perfuming the air (and showering the ground).



MORNING GLORY.did a uturn on the bike for this one.



orange and green is taking over.i have beautiful sock yarn waiting to warm hanas feet but i have no idea how to use double pointed what do i do? i teach myself how to knit cable.mum i dont know how you had the time to knit at all especially cable.and i am really sorry i didnt appreciate the full on cabled jumper you knit for me when i was little.but not so little that the jumper was only a few pattern repeats.i wish i still had it.why do i takes so long.when i knitted a giraffe in god knows how many pieces manda i think pointed out to me that i could cut up an old jumper and make a giraffe out of far too crafting and relationships.but mainly relationships and im not sure patient is the right word but im not about to delve any deeper.maybe im not patient.ive cast on the minimum stitches to see the pattern as quickly as looks like its a scarf for a barbie we dont have.

cushion by tupera tupera. no time (or patience) for link.

lemon from our potted tree.wouldnt ripen so i picked it.oh i see a pattern developing here! no i thought if i picked it the other lemon on the tree may ripen.but it hasnt hana picked the nicest flower in the garden today (we only had two).she picked it in fury so i was pretty sad.she said its ok because we still have a lemon.

i love this book so much.


and happy birthday to my little big niece and my big sister.xx

when i have nothing else to do.

remaining medicine has been tipped out.hana does a little dance.and we go to the park.



not going far from home.getting a sore bum sitting on the front my dill flower.maybe it is my favourite herb.hana has alot of congestion which they wanted to try encourage out of her at the hospital with 10 minutes of mist (but not early morning in the countryside mist) inhaling asthma treatment which i didnt really understand so said ah no.and the drugs are on for another week.but not sure about that either because i think they have done all they can. have resorted to bribes with chocolate which isnt doing good for the phlegm. have made a ginger and eucalyptus massage oil to try balance things out a little. need herbs.


old picture but i like it. i love when the teapot is clean before i decide i want to make a cup of free tea samples arent coming from lupica anymore.i miss them.
housebound at the moment so organising space so dreary hana doesnt trip over.i have far too many clothes i dont wear and books i dont read and fabric i dont sew.
back to the hospital tomorrow.hopefully no more antibiotics.hana cries tonight saying medicine is she going to get all this gunk out of her chest.


hana has lost the whoop. ive read so much about how long this disease is supposed to go on for that i am wondering does she really have it. .her cough is terrible when it appears but without going into too much detail she doesnt seem to be in as much discomfort as i had anticipated.she freaks out most when i give her medicine so i now have to alternate between mouth fulls of boob and medicine and i think i am weaning her by doing this.kind of like the japanese way of drawing scarey pictures on my boobs.traumatic.urrgh.her little lungs are working extra hard as i listen to her rattle in her sleep.i take her back to the hospital on friday.
im looking for a pattern to knit hana a hat and a sock pattern for someone who has no idea what they are doing.
ive been stitching single coloured logcabin patchwork squares by hand.
id love woollen carpet.
its getting cold already.