orange and green is taking over.i have beautiful sock yarn waiting to warm hanas feet but i have no idea how to use double pointed what do i do? i teach myself how to knit cable.mum i dont know how you had the time to knit at all especially cable.and i am really sorry i didnt appreciate the full on cabled jumper you knit for me when i was little.but not so little that the jumper was only a few pattern repeats.i wish i still had it.why do i takes so long.when i knitted a giraffe in god knows how many pieces manda i think pointed out to me that i could cut up an old jumper and make a giraffe out of far too crafting and relationships.but mainly relationships and im not sure patient is the right word but im not about to delve any deeper.maybe im not patient.ive cast on the minimum stitches to see the pattern as quickly as looks like its a scarf for a barbie we dont have.

cushion by tupera tupera. no time (or patience) for link.

lemon from our potted tree.wouldnt ripen so i picked it.oh i see a pattern developing here! no i thought if i picked it the other lemon on the tree may ripen.but it hasnt hana picked the nicest flower in the garden today (we only had two).she picked it in fury so i was pretty sad.she said its ok because we still have a lemon.

i love this book so much.


manda said...

you definitely got my share of patience. i have a spare barbie. you could use her legs for chopsticks.

Loretta said...

Lol, u are funny, patience?? Gees i would call it a glutton for punishment, just go buy a jumper and as for the other comment, hmmmm. Olianda, cure. x x x