beautiful autumn wind blew many ginkgo nuts off the trees today.standing under the tree and waiting for them to drop was quite addictive.chopsticks in hand we picked up far too many.they have a fleshy putrid smelling case that usually splats on whatever they land on.thankfully not me today.we then had to take them home and clean them.usually doesnt bother me the smell.but today it was pretty intense.the wind is much stronger tonight than it was today...

id love to get on the roof next to the tree.

the splats on road remind me of yellow lichen on dead branches at mandas farm.

pan heated until they hiss.cracked and eaten with salt.


manda said...

i imagine it would be quite magical to eat roasted salted gingko nuts. wish i was there with you x

momo said...

I miss looking at those bright yellow trees and its shapes are amazing. I was just looking at my favorite book today and am wondering if it is you, standing next to Mr. Minagawa? (tabi no kakera book)

melindatrees said...

hi momo.yes the trees are beautiful arent big yellow flames.interesting they were planted to guard from fire! and yes that is me in the book.your favourite, wow.many ginkgo trees in shirokanedai

momo said...

Funny I had not noticed until today. I knew how you look from the picture on your blog and also knew that you wore a piece of Mina in a photo.
That book gives me inspiration a lot so I often have it in my bag. Today it gave me a slight shock for some reason.

by the way I like the picture on the header.

melindatrees said...

you have good eyes momo! funny once i noticed on your blog oliver and hana have same chouchou top :^)