sweet confetti

these are little individually bagged sweets (conpetto and smartie like chocolates) i bought in kyoto.i wish i could stop eating them for long enough to admire the amazing colour combinations that occur in this 5x4cm bag.lucky i have a camera.


kyoto easter

easter came and went quickly. only happy memories and severe constipation remain.koichi and i made a last minute decision to go to kyoto for the weekend.the highlights are endless the photos not many..we went to a craft market at chionji temple, not the eucalyptus smelling kind of market i grew up with and loved but the atmosphere was the similiar.
lots of pickles, pottery, kimonos and cakes. warming chai and relaxing massage.didnt matter about the rain and wet feet...i will never find a pair of water proof shoes..
i found a house i would be more than happy to take off the owners hands.

along the sakura lined philosophers canal we walked to the hundertwasser exhibition!
ahhhhhhhhh... the pictures oozed beauty, dripping down the walls leaking under the doors and out into the streets painting the grey day with drenching colour.ahhhhh......................i wish everyone had the chance to see this exhibition.

from here we indulged in the food street of nishijiki market, where i ate too many tofu donuts and anything else i wanted to compensate for missing my yearly tradition of overdosing on easter eggs.
little did i know i would also do this when i got back to tokyo.easter koala and rabbits actually.the eggs were last week.......

now i wait for the beautiful green linen i bought yesterday in tokyos own sydney road brunswick, nippori, to dry before i make a tent to accomodate this daily growing bundle of bouncing, turning ,squirming ,delight in my belly :-)



we decided to have a birthweekend rather than a birthday.koichi's blossom confetti has definately been the highlight so far.



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