what should i make with this fabric?


bloom magazine issue 20

this issue is so beautiful.i got mine from ebay uk.


collaboration with discarded flowers

yesterday on the bike road home from a very emotionally challenging trip to the kindergarten i stopped and asked a lady who was cutting the pansies back if i could have her 'rubbish'.

i had seen what
india flint had made and i fell in love with textiles again.
patterns dont excite me like they used to.if i was to do textile design again i think i would find it really difficult.but to stain and colour cloth, thats joy.

who knows what i will do with them or how permanent they but i did just really enjoy the process.and as they fade and change maybe back to white silk i think that is just part of their magic.


my sister drew this picture for the flood appeal auctions/ raising money for the people affected by the floods in queensland australia ♡


year of the rabbit

was a public holiday in japan today.we all went to a bookshop.hana and i went upstairs to kids books while koichi stayed downstairs reading fashion magazines.then we swapped.
there was a book upstairs about making different animals from your mandarin draw on the peel the instructed lines and then make cuts and peel.i didnt know what to think.i kind of put it down just shaking my head.
when we got home koichi pulled it out of his bag.he had bought it.


the cold wind and too many dishes are hurting my hands.ive just searched 40 of 18o something pages of mitten patterns on ravelry and have decided on these☞ (oh looks like i cant copy the photos so i will take my own when i finish them).they are called pescovegetarian mittens incase you are on ravelry too.
i liked this knitting too..