it was so easy and fun.there is no going back. hanas shapes are poo and gobo (burdock root).

a few weeks ago hana had fun playing with two sweet girls at a bookshop on the otherside.i just blog jumped and ended up at their mummas site.i felt like i had let myself in to her house without knocking.not really.but i should have said hello shouldnt i.

today i found a magazine i had been looking out for for a while.
and i won the ebay bidding for a crimper just like my sister had when i was about 13.

i like this combo of stockings and boots.


wattle time.only thing glowing today.if winter has just started i must die soon. bad time of the year to give up sweets.but i have and besides the birthday party yesterday i am sticking to is my only indulgence but when jeremy brings me dandelion tea supplies the coffee will go too.and i bought am awesome milk frother which i will try with soy but i doubt its going to work as well.and the dandelion, i must be able to find it here but i dont want to the wattle is ready to pop.i will be more motivated to leave the cocoon.
lunch today at the cafe near our house.the pink and white blobs on the tree real mochi.sticky rice blobs.for new year but im not sure why.only craving is so grey and may collecting balls of wool without projects in mind.i am going through a mohair phase.

for christmas i got two handwoven one hand knitted.i love the colours and textures of both of them together. they sit on the white sheet on our couch more than around my neck.
legwarmers for hana which hopefully she will wear.

pink pin pink australia.


this soup is really good.

masuteru aoba exhibition poster.i picked it up yesterday but the show finished in november.luckily the cafe still had the i can look for more about him.
watch muji


hanas mittens dont fit.i shouldnt have taken shortcuts.we tested them on the bike ride today.she didnt know what to do with her hands.holding them up so the mittens wouldnt fall off.think i will find some to buy in the post newyear sales :-(
and she hates the hat i knit.makes her head itchy.
maybe i should knit for me and sew for hana.
hana is moving a little away from little bear addiction and now she has found the mole, thanks to them. great for rainy days or not.

i have superglue all over my hands.its driving me crazy.worse than dry heels catching on socks.



breakfast for hana and i before we were to embark on five days of new year foods.seafood rice hot sake and soba.

i just finished hanas really into sparkles.maybe the glitter in the christmas card from my sister restarted i have lots of sparkly wool.and hanas mittens do sparkle.they dont match but they sparkle.i love knitting.i love people who write patterns.i was shaking my head and giggling as i watched those mittens form from a bunch of numbers i scribbled off ravelry.
home again after new year at baba and jijis.loving honey my christmas stocking stash.loving the table which i have space to play on now all my prints have left the house.really hoping this year i get it together.whatever that means.which i guess i am hoping to figure out.