hanas mittens dont fit.i shouldnt have taken shortcuts.we tested them on the bike ride today.she didnt know what to do with her hands.holding them up so the mittens wouldnt fall off.think i will find some to buy in the post newyear sales :-(
and she hates the hat i knit.makes her head itchy.
maybe i should knit for me and sew for hana.
hana is moving a little away from little bear addiction and now she has found the mole, thanks to them. great for rainy days or not.

i have superglue all over my hands.its driving me crazy.worse than dry heels catching on socks.


jurate said...

new year pretty girls! I love your goose!! Jx

anth said...

Poor goose, cant get to water in jar. Hana has grown heaps, seeing her in the bike seat brings back so many nice memories. Now post one of you on bike woman!!