skype hate/circle


manda said...

oh. dear. O O O O O O O O O O O

Anonymous said...

that fuschia (dare i call it fuschia...yes, i do. i adore fuschia. most people don't though.) christmas scarf is fantastical looking.

i love the burning hot sun in the first photo. and then the burning hot apple in the next.

i once had a dream where i was in a room with no doors or windows. i was wearing a white dress. suddenly a bright light turned on above and it very quickly got hotter and hotter. soon it began to burn. so much that my skin began to bubble and peel. it was terribly painful. when i woke i realised that i was being purified. so that new things could come in and begin to grow. in a scarred, charred, but nutrient rich environment.

i don't why...it just came back to me. just now.

melindatrees said...

what a dream!