a few weeks ago hana had fun playing with two sweet girls at a bookshop on the otherside.i just blog jumped and ended up at their mummas site.i felt like i had let myself in to her house without knocking.not really.but i should have said hello shouldnt i.

today i found a magazine i had been looking out for for a while.
and i won the ebay bidding for a crimper just like my sister had when i was about 13.

i like this combo of stockings and boots.


manda said...

cute legs, nice pants ;-) , happy lettuce? , you won the crimper?! hope its pick up only.. and yes you should have said hi, or at least knocked..its amazing you ended up there. x

ladybug-zen said...

i like that combo as well. very cute. and those boots are terribly practical this time of year, aren't they?