something i did in my spare time.lucky for me and her, hana is liking nightime sleeps.the sticky weather i am sure has something to do with it. probably has something to do with why i would spend so much time folding the alphabet.that and i am waiting for dear koichi to get home.i made pesto today looks so yum.he is only 1 hour and 40 minutes late so far.i could spell a few words out with my new alphabet for when he gets home but i think i will just sleep.



i have no power to get up to get my camera off the kitchen table to download the photos onto the computer to go with this post.the words better make up for waiting up tonight to buy a jesscia ogden top of yahoo is a tshirt with a print i love for ages of overlapping circles.i hope i get it although i just translated the text and found out it is a size would probably fit me if hana would decide how much milk she would like to drink so that i wasnt constantly engorged (and leaking).yesterday was a hell day.i would like to forget it but everytime i look at hana i am reminded of it by the purple swelling oval shape on her forehead.someone didnt put her belt on when she was sitting in the a restaurant i really didnt want to be the time of the day i really shouldnt have been there.where the floor just had to be concrete.poor little hana.she has never cried like that before and i have never felt so sick.and mad.and she is ok. she had a hellish week.fluctuating temperatures.little sharp things popping up in her mouth all over the carting her to all sorts of crowded places for my visa.i really got to take a breath. im running running.i wish i could just he does.not at all fazed by the house stuff, times. food, all of sister bought me tea.the package says cheery tea. i thought for days she had sent me cherry i love cherries.i wondered why there were no cherries in the ingredients.i was warmed by how my sister had known how much i love cherries (esp as they are inseason here now) and how nobody else really knows that about me.all along it was cheery tea.she told me on the phone when she ponted out that hers was energy tea (is that right??).i gotta get cheery and still eat my cherries.and watch out for my little cherub.



after a day in the big smoke i came home with a pack of these little fellows.the photo doesnt do its detail is about 15cm long big and its nose is a pine nut, its eyes raisins. it is sprinkled with black sesame seeds.cant bring myself to taste it.


its getting muggy here and the rainy season if you ask me has started.luckily the sun came out for a little while this afternoon to make the rainbows dance off the crystal in the kitchen. hana woke up this morning grinding her top to bottom teeth.seems like they popped out a fair bit overnight.thankgoodness i went to bed at 7pm last night so i could deal with the high demands of a teething 9mth old princess.the day got better.
in the time i spent preparing this japanese vegetable for cooking hana kept herself entertained with the tape measure magnet.100centimeters out 100 centimeters in. the vegetable is called fuki or butterbur. it has to be peeled and to be peeled it has to be boiled and then it has to be simmered in stock and then cooled and eaten (the next day).tomorrow we will eat today.



when i bought hanas little silver shoes in australia recently i didnt really think of them as shoes.i thought of them as these little silver accessories which accentuated my daughters cuteness.when i came back to japan and we visited koichis mother she removed the little accessories when we entered the house.i thought why would you want to take them off she looks so cute but anyway... it was only when she visited our house and hana had her shoes on again (she does have them off sometimes :-) that she commented on hana having her shoes on inside.oops, thats right! id never even thought of it like now they live at the front door or in her mouth (she loves to chew leather and velcro).today i bought her a pair of these maryjane socks.quite ironic.i wonder where this fits into japanese etiquette?



thought i should post a picture of the new house (in my dreams).koichi visited this house in N.S.W australia designed by architect Glenn is actually the owners second house.
today koichi went second house shopping with his mother.they want a house by the settle for this one by the pond.
hana and i took a walk around the lake next door to our house this morning at 730 complete contrast to my surrounds i listened to sarah blasko and the veronicas on my ipod. the leaves of the maple trees made a roof of stars above our heads and the elderly people swept the leaves like they do every morning although usually i hear them rather than see them doing it.nothing really happened today to write about.i have come to that conclusion after sitting for too long at this computer when i could be doing something to call squashed vegies off the floor, eating the breads i bought on our walk (chocolate and ginger cake-did i say bread?) and what i really want to do is cut my hair which right now feels more like a straw broom and i dont need another one of those in the house.really what i want to say is i am bored shitless.