when i bought hanas little silver shoes in australia recently i didnt really think of them as shoes.i thought of them as these little silver accessories which accentuated my daughters cuteness.when i came back to japan and we visited koichis mother she removed the little accessories when we entered the house.i thought why would you want to take them off she looks so cute but anyway... it was only when she visited our house and hana had her shoes on again (she does have them off sometimes :-) that she commented on hana having her shoes on inside.oops, thats right! id never even thought of it like now they live at the front door or in her mouth (she loves to chew leather and velcro).today i bought her a pair of these maryjane socks.quite ironic.i wonder where this fits into japanese etiquette?


manda said...

hanny can leave her shoes on inside our house. pffttt to etiquette i say.

Loretta said...

shoes on feet....draught stoppers at doors...:-) x x xx