thought i should post a picture of the new house (in my dreams).koichi visited this house in N.S.W australia designed by architect Glenn is actually the owners second house.
today koichi went second house shopping with his mother.they want a house by the settle for this one by the pond.
hana and i took a walk around the lake next door to our house this morning at 730 complete contrast to my surrounds i listened to sarah blasko and the veronicas on my ipod. the leaves of the maple trees made a roof of stars above our heads and the elderly people swept the leaves like they do every morning although usually i hear them rather than see them doing it.nothing really happened today to write about.i have come to that conclusion after sitting for too long at this computer when i could be doing something to call squashed vegies off the floor, eating the breads i bought on our walk (chocolate and ginger cake-did i say bread?) and what i really want to do is cut my hair which right now feels more like a straw broom and i dont need another one of those in the house.really what i want to say is i am bored shitless.

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manda said...

oh you make me laugh..and cry.. and laugh.. (and since im now going to bed..) and cry...
i hope hana gets to eat the bread with you ;-)