something i did in my spare time.lucky for me and her, hana is liking nightime sleeps.the sticky weather i am sure has something to do with it. probably has something to do with why i would spend so much time folding the alphabet.that and i am waiting for dear koichi to get home.i made pesto today looks so yum.he is only 1 hour and 40 minutes late so far.i could spell a few words out with my new alphabet for when he gets home but i think i will just sleep.


Loretta said...

You are so clever, coooool alphabet, if u need any help with creating the words, let me know, i have had yearsssss of practice... x x

manda said...

i like your something. it reminded me of the garsed street alphabet and the messages that were left on the front lawn. though yours is much more beautiful. has hana eaten it yet?