our new light.who would have thought poking holes in dry gourds could be so fun and pretty.hana likes to warm her cheeks on it.

easter bunny, visit from brother anthony and cherry blossoms to look forward to.origami and letraset make a good rabbit.


this photo was taken 2 years ago.ive lost the tree :-( or ive lost the park.i went looking yesterday sure that it would be flowering by was the most beautiful plum tree and all i want to do is sit under it or near it.
and.. ive just called the police because someone lit a chair on fire in the park outside my window.damn why didnt i look out the window when i first heard the racket they were was only until the curtains glowed from fire that i took a i have spent a further hour peeking out at the police, fire, and photo snapping long coat wearing people. scarey mary.


link play

now im practicing posting a link.lets see..
nice new book about kitchens by kunel it has inspired me to keep mine clean and organised.

love cutting tops off strawberries.

flea market find on the weekend.sorry manda i went to two.they were at the local station!i got this temari ball made by the stall owner and these little cups.the cups are silver and hand formed but i cant remember the technique.i know it is from the edo period.anyway they glisten and they are beautiful and hana tried to pour her milk into them this morning.

a picture from noritake out of the new book made for his upcoming exhibition in tokyo with 3 other great illustrators.

manda i bought the book and im going to make this dress too.

wow links take so much fiddling.


people textile made for mina.wish i had the energy to make some more pictures with the spontaniety and energy i had when making this.
time to make lists.and plans. and more twin peaks (after tonight).no more chocolate (after easter).



a week and a bit went a little too fast for all our happy i was to live with my sister wake up next to her and for hana to climb into her futon.we shopped like mad women.and i should have sniffed the meditation oil a little harder to realise what else we did with all those minutes.but the warm heaviness is still there in my chest.and when i dance around the house singing i am a vampire at 730 am care of her juno soundtrack i know she is definately still here.