feels like shes been here for many more


garden inspiration

i found the ny times in the bin in the lobby of the hotel i stayed in, in sf.i kept this article from it.i think i found the newspaper for this article.have a look.time to get the seeds out.


my prints are in the shop.
going to buy the wool scarf tomorrow and hopefully the heat will leave me alone soon so i can wear it.


we gathered stones on our last night and yokoyama san drew on them for us.koichi is so precious about them now because it was water based texta.funny.
i loved san francisco.the beach, the berries, the light, the buses, the so brown.i havent been this brown since i remember maybe never.i spent all days we are suffering hana s jetlag. 3am eating icypoles and insisting on going to the park.hopefully that will go away really i have a dollhouse to make for hana.shes nearly 3!

new people

lots of friends helped make it. fun festival on our last day to celebrate the opening.

sf food

rainbow if only it was my local supa
tartine breadpudding
worth a plane trip for.
there was so much more but i was too hungry to bother taking photos.

sf plants

here there and everywhere.



the most beautiful place.
two months ago i was drooling over it in a book in collins st we were eating sweeeeeet raspberries there.

i want today to be tomorrow too.


san francisco

hana and i are off to meet papa in san francisco this week.i thought the 6th was friday but just saw it is thursday which means we are leaving a day earlier.lucky i noticed!