we hold each other saying the sea is coming the sea is coming.

in other work news, my papercutting is in the new issue of ecocolo.
and on this cover.thanks to my sister for her kids lunchbags and her scanner, i could make it when i was in australia.which excites me that i can make work no matter where i am...



my book is finally finished.i illustrated (or tried to) many haiku.
the english title is-
i count to 3.

playing hide and seek i count to 3 and winter comes.

on a spring night i wonder which clock in the store tells the right time.

my friend told me there is a big gap betweeen the haiku and the illustration which for poetry i guess is a good thing.
there are 15 or 14 haiku in the book.


nice weekend fleamarket find.stig lindberg packaging from 1950 something for seibu department store.100 yen :-)




mum playing hide and seek with hana and i...


well here i am.back in this land.i have an empty spray bottle in my purse wating for me to fill it with ink and make some mess but somehow i found the computer and the couch.
the house is quiet and smells like the fish i cooked for dinner.
no heater it felt like spring peeped in on winter.i had to take my coat off lots of times outside.we fed mum has gone.i miss her terribly.i miss everything i dont have messy.