thankyou ebay.2 more are on the way.

new library today.so many beautiful old picture books.and multiple copies.english section was pretty small.and hana chose mainly japanese books.so i have to brush up on reading japanese and translating it within her attention span because as it is i am way too slow for her.
procrastinating is nearly over, i have to start drawing for my book.no more going to bed early with the ds and mario anymore.from tomorrow.


sore it (yesterday).



so many blueberries arrived today from kakas mumma.the layers of packages went down deep in the box. homegrown anything, especially the berrry variety, i cant think of a better present. :-) i want to use them in something delicious and send it back to her.the lemon cake in rose bakery cookbook was so good with blueberries.the colour of blueberries and pale yellow, ahh love.

not drowning waving

in the pool at kanazawa museum.


we travelled far in little time.very exhausting.in a few days i will recover and be glad i went.the guest house we stayed in was beautiful.very very old but recently renovated by them.
the heat wasnt as bad as tokyo.the wind was cool and less humid.weather a big part of the seasaw me. i nearly died when the guy who picked us up said there was no aircondiotioning.then i nearly died that i nearly died over something like that. then i nearly died that mosquitos love hana and the window/doors had no flywire and the whole front of the house was open.as in, where there is no wood in that structure there is only air. but we were fine. i had teatree repellent and coils and there were no bites and the wind flying threw the whole house kept us peacefully comfortable.


at the guesthouse and in tokyo tonightish.

nice glass at the guesthouse.ice at the food market.huge blocks to put your hands on to cool down.


he had afternoon tea with us and i loved his tshirt and face.hana loves conpetto and accidently tipped them all over a shop floor.we picked them up and she ate a few more before i hid them after not being able to cope with the sugar high any longer.


samurai garden

container garden

dandelion in orange


inspiring interviews with people doing what they love for their job.

i was waiting patiently for my marigolds and echinacea but then moomin mumma and floren inspired me.


went to the localish play castle (7 or 8 floors of it) for hana to run wild.she caught these little fish with a hand made fishing rod that had a magnet on the end.
sticky and pretty.
i like these flowers. they grow locally all over the place except in the pots i planted them in...


i think i spent most of my day cooking.i am definitely in denial.all the things i should be doing but am ignoring.and i cant stop buying books.but make no time to read them.i was having fun with the beautiful colours appearing on the table in front of me even if the flavours werent working quite as well.