we travelled far in little time.very a few days i will recover and be glad i went.the guest house we stayed in was beautiful.very very old but recently renovated by them.
the heat wasnt as bad as tokyo.the wind was cool and less a big part of the seasaw me. i nearly died when the guy who picked us up said there was no aircondiotioning.then i nearly died that i nearly died over something like that. then i nearly died that mosquitos love hana and the window/doors had no flywire and the whole front of the house was in, where there is no wood in that structure there is only air. but we were fine. i had teatree repellent and coils and there were no bites and the wind flying threw the whole house kept us peacefully comfortable.


MANDA said... really do live in a far away, interesting , foreign land. such a contrast to green paddocks , cows and one long road to the same faces over and over again.
beautiful pictures :-)
and thanks for my letter-love...i got it today after veda moaned about me taking two minutes to drive to the letterbox on the way to school....making her two minutes later. funny girl.

momo said...

lovely place to stay. I could live in that machiya or double chimney one.

Thanks for the echinacea tip. We are now all recovered.

Have a lovely week.

melindatrees said...

yes i am far away.most days i see the same faces and walk the same the track usually is chaos.
momo, if i could bring their arcitecture to melbourne id live happilt ever friend lives in the tower house.they are selling it if youre interested :=)

melindatrees said...

please ignore my spelling/