speaking of watermelon..
i would really like to know where i can buy the fruit in this country that is not perfect not packed in polystyrene not imported not crazy expensive not dried and organic. it s out there somewhere surely. and yes that is a square mamma watermelon with square baby.


strawberry flavoured watermelon biscuit with choc chips.
hana is at a doll dressing up stage.she made some new clothes from felt for her.i just sewed the bits on.
i started making hana a new doll last night.she is constructed like a waldorf doll. i thought about her today when i was out.i wanted to come home and work on her.slowly she now has a head.no face.and a neck.a nice weight so far.and nice cheek bones.
we went to the yokosuka museum to see the bruno munari exhibition. after, koichi and hana swam in a pretty grey looking ocean across the road.at the museum there were 2 other things i loved. a painting by Asai Kan e mon called roses.up close it was just a mass of colour mixed thick chunky oil paints that as hana said still looked wet nearly 30 years on, but far away it was a vase of garden picked full bloom flowers.hana and i liked that.and then there was another show of musical objects that we could play with. heavy metal balls, like the little one i have on a necklace, to roll about on structures or cylinders with curved bottoms to rock back and forward.they sounded beautiful.


tokyo art book fair

i knew if i went kayaking on saturday i could get koichi to look after hana while i went to the art book fair on sunday.i wanted to go last year but i heard the crowds were crazy.
so i went sunday alone and i had lots of fun.
i got to see people i hadnt seen in ages and i could chat to them for as long as i or they liked.
i suppose this was the best part for me.
im sure there were many many more books i missed but i was happy with what i saw.
the venue is pretty fancy.i will check out the rooftop garden next time.

anna missing in action but i found her, i wish she still lived in tokyo.

noriko sato

i love these 3 zines (are they zines?) i bought from her (was it her?) at the book fair.they are A3 pages folded in 1/2 then 1/2 then 1/2 again.opened right up on one side a large collage on the other side the smaller ones.

manon van kouswijk's book hanging around which i bought at the book fair.