speaking of watermelon..
i would really like to know where i can buy the fruit in this country that is not perfect not packed in polystyrene not imported not crazy expensive not dried and organic. it s out there somewhere surely. and yes that is a square mamma watermelon with square baby.


jeremy said...

I read in moyashimon that you can buy imperfect (but otherwise perfectly delicious) fruit in the country, from farmers... The reason that its so expensive in the city is that they have all these strict criteria. Like on melons for example, the stalk has to be at a particular predefined perfect angle... mayjime ne!

anna said...

come back melinda!
i'm picturing you, feet up, reading other peoples blogs..

ashley said...

those square watermelons are so crazy!

hannna said...

where did u disappear??
hope all is well.