tokyo art book fair

i knew if i went kayaking on saturday i could get koichi to look after hana while i went to the art book fair on sunday.i wanted to go last year but i heard the crowds were crazy.
so i went sunday alone and i had lots of fun.
i got to see people i hadnt seen in ages and i could chat to them for as long as i or they liked.
i suppose this was the best part for me.
im sure there were many many more books i missed but i was happy with what i saw.
the venue is pretty fancy.i will check out the rooftop garden next time.

anna missing in action but i found her, i wish she still lived in tokyo.


anna said...

me too!
(my word verification is carma - does it mean something?)

melindatrees said...

haha.yes it does!

hiki said...

ah you went too! did you find hello sandwich? and i also made it to hana+hanna exhibition at biotope on the last day yesterday after seeing your post about it earlier. i'm really glad i could make it it was such a sweet exhibition!

melindatrees said...

hi hiki, i got there so early that i dont think hello sandwich was there :-( i saw her cute zines though.
im glad you made it to the exhibition, wasnt it great..