peach? blossom petals this time last year

i am sorry.incase you were wondering, i should have written sooner, that my family and i are all fine after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit was very very hard for me to leave japan and my husband to come back to australia. if you can please donate money to the redcross
or second harvest or help japan in anyway you can.

love, melinda.


pretty garden.

red turnips made into pickles with cucumbers.very nice time eat as is.

the pink hyacinth grew huge and kept tipping over so i had to cut it off.i had visions of it tipping over on my new mac while i was sleeping.a new one is growing now though not as big out of the same bulb.

bought walnuts that have so little edible nut in them that i will boil them and change the colour of some cloth (hopefully).apparently dont need a mordant when dyeing with black walnut.hanas old kindergarten (we changed to another a bit further away) had boxes of these nuts hanging around the yard although i didnt notice the tree.