finally the little sock bootie slipper shoe sock things i knitted hana before she was born fit her and she leaves them on.she also has taken a fancy to wearing my shoes outside and in (gasp-remember this is japan..).



yesterday we woke up to heavy snow. the majority of outside being covered in white. inisde we covered strawberries in white bean paste and mochi to make a very traditional japanese sweet, ichigo daifuku.

the bean paste needed to be cooled so we put it on the snow for a while.
the taste and colours were just beautiful.



sunny day in tokyo today.perfect fleamarket weather.hana slept just as we arrived and woke up just as we left.little angel. i was scanning for beads, fabric, books boxes or anything else really.i found some goodies and am really excited to have my sister rummaging with me in a few weeks.

its amazing how much pleasure i get from other peoples eyes are trained to scan.they know the textures, colours, shapes to look for.

in japan its a little harder because most things at the market are on the ground, table level camberwell market is easier but actually i always did find the best things stuffed in baskets or boxes under the table.sadly the neighbourhood i live in they dont throw anything good away in the weekly rubbish.i dont rummage through it but my eyes always look extra hard on wednesdays which is paper day.i scan for books and i look for sweet's boxes. i have collected them for a while.hard card, matt papered flat colour boxes sometimes with print.i had a great collection when i worked.towered up on my desk.

and when i went to switzerland i scored bigtime at a fleamarket there when i came across heaps of old watch face boxes.ahh i was in a blue mood so only really bought the blue ones.stupid stupid wish i ws in a rainbow mood like i am at the moment. beautful scribbly handwriting on them.

so yeah fleamarket today and then really delicious pudding at tas yard. cant stop thinking about the pudding and the hint of i love the taste of real vanilla.i bought tea yesterday from lupica.a beautiful teashop.never would have known until they started sending me free samples because i did a survey for them.they won me.i love their vanilla black tea and then greentea with yuzu or chestnuts.tomorrow the tea will be pouring because our neighbours are coming over to have a ichigo daifuku making session.strawberries covered in whitebeanpaste and then covered in rice which has been beaten to make a soft dough.i ll show pictures tomorrow anyway.its supposed to snow.
anyway sleep deprivation has me babbling.