we found this great long uncomfortable slide.its hurts but we go back for more.together.

the grass is somewhere else.grass at parks is rare in my neighbourhood.long grass is rare in most neighbourhoods..

.the local stationery shop is having a big cleanout.and i scored big time.this is most but not all of the gocco inks i got for 20 cents or 20 yen a tube.i cleaned them out just like my sister advised.

i drew a henna doily on my hand.same time my sister did? in another country.why does the colour only go dark when the design is bad? and manda the henna oil i got will accompany the inks to oz soon.after i do this..

i have to do so many drawings textile like patterns about rain for a small magazine i like very much.thats where the goccoing may come into use again.i have to nearly finished nearly at panic stage where i become most creative. maybe my computer will die soon.perfect stop to the procrastination problem.
miranda july and mike mills really good interviews.




ive been sewing.i love the pins, the placement, the yellows and the lines.the dress is finished now but this photo is the best of it.the homspun patterns ive made always look better in the books.

maybe i should stop this nightly ritual and the dresses would sit a little better around the waist.but really.dolfin made the most amazing chocolate ever.i venture far to stock up.not as far as belgium although im tempted.ofcourse the packaging has something to do with my addiction.these three are my favourite.yummmm

and i started to tear and stick paper for no reason at all.



little hana matilda berry i love you.