its hot. its i went without an airconditioner before i will never know.hana sweats most when i feed her i sweat is like a hot bathroom outside.i want to go out.there are huge sales on in tokyo. i dont need anything.there is cookies and cream icecream in the freezer and i cant stop thinking about it. hana is sleeping now, she hasnt woken in 3 hours. a recent record.her 530 am starts and very short daytime naps are killing me. she doesnt know why.she doesnt know how to sleep.she wakes up and is already tired.or still tired.i wnat to teach her to sleep.i dont want her to cry.i want to make something. i want to want to make something more than i want to make something. i made juice from red perilla many perilla leaves. i have no photo of the amazing magenta juice.well no photo where you can see the intense colour.if it wasnt magenta i wouldnt drink so much of it. i dont drink that much of it.ok photo time sleep is calling me too.
hana has top teeth.

she likes to cruise with assistance

the perilla leaf ball and juice i squeezed out of it.

a little part of my house i look at often but dont really look at.


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Loretta said...

brrr, cold here. you squeeze leaves for juice, i love that, it has a primal feel to it. ohh hana how adorable are the little toothy pegs and how big she has grown. maybe for the lack of sleep u r getting u need to squeeze spinach for iron juice... x x x x