festival in the park beside our house over the past two nights.lots of drumming and dancing.children in yukata.beautiful lanterns.chirping? cicadas.

japanese slush puppy.gourmet version at fancy riverside restaurant.matcha kakigori. powdered green tea over soft balls of rice and red bean paste topped with condensed milk.tasted better than it sounds or looks.hana thought so too, although she preferred her father s version with black sugar syrup...

then close by i found the answer to my problem of what i would do if i moved back to a citroen 2cvs and convert it into a cafe.

there is fun to be found in laundering (when it is someone elses)

and then i woke up today and reminded myself of home.


Loretta said...

Oh dear that slush puppie looks more like a swampy slush.
Lol at the cafe, glad all things are being considered. Yipeeee yummmm vegemite... x x x x

manda said...

i have a vw you could use.
beautiful lanterns.