a yahoo japan search on geoff mcfetridge led me to a new cafe in harajuku which has used his patterns in their interior.sunshine studio cafe.right now and before before i am/ was in love with his work.we made the effort and after a few mishaps, like forgetting the map, we got there for lunch.i had intended on taking many photos but didnt.i will have to go back.we ate hamburgers, taco rice, drank grapefruit juice and ate coconut cake and listened to good music including ben lee.strange in that context as it reminds me so much of driving in rural victoria with my sister.anyway its early sleep tonight for me as these legs have done some serious walking and carrying today.i must remember to pull out the camera more often.i almost forgot, today on the train we sat next to a tshirt wearing foreign man.hana was on my knee and pulled at the hair on his was pretty funny.she hasnt really seen hair on arms like that before.quite rare in japan on men and women.hana loves to make friends with the people she sits next to.on the other side of us there were some seriously solariumed, hair extensioned, lonnnng false nailed, mini skirted japanese women and hana loved them and all their bits.they loved her and her bits too.but no photos this time.
the whale bench whale served by the way.hana and koichi trying to contain her..

the toilet room.well worth a look.refreshingly blue after the caafe is so black and white and wooden.the pattern has so many crazy stories happening in it or you can just see it like a mass of blobby shapes.

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Loretta said...

umm the long haired, cooked, long nailed women, did they have red lipstick and cheap perfume as well??? I'm loving that u are posting more, great photos, you look fantastic, i think u need to check Koichis birth cert, he doesnt look a day over 18.. lol