japan today

after talking to my beautiful sisters last night i decided to share more of my everyday events with them via this blog.perhaps it will encourage them to come visit me or maybe they will want to come save me.
here are our beds (futons) outside in the afternoon sun. the humidity calls for them to be sunned whenever the sun comes out in the rainy season, otherwise a little green pattern may decide to grow all over them.all year though we try to put our bed outside when it is sunny.they say it take only 10minutes of sunshine to get the benefit.apart from drying the benefit being maybe that nice smell and dead dustmites?? its not fun lugging them in and outside in this temperature especially.i would have them over the back balcony but the cherry blossoms have had a recent growth spurt and decided to pop over the railing and say hi.fine in spring but not enjoying the potential caterpillars and spiders the trees bring with however enjoying the shade so i shouldnt complain, not to mention the greenery.anyway, after sunning the beds i hit them.belt them with a heart made of bamboo.a strong heart, just like to belt them.very satisfying seeing the dust come out and to get out those frustrations mainly of having to do this in the first place.

most days i take a walk to this little rice ball shop day i will have a riceball (onigiri) shop in australia.i figure eating them everyday is studying.i am inspired also by my favourite film kamome shokudo (seagull diner).the film is about a japanese woman who makes a japanese restaurant in finland.they are not really riceballs that are rice triangles.they have all different fillings and the rice is not flavoured like with sushi favourite is grilled salmon which is flaked and lightly salted.they also make grilled onigiri here which is delicous.on the weeked at about 730am koichi hana and i usually go for a walk to get some.they are still hot. i also like tuna and mayonaise, perilla leaf pickled vegetables, and pickled not very adventurous with my fillings.i usually eat the same ones each time.there are also fish egg ones small sausages and feremted soya beans.

and today was our first delivery from the day he just appeared at the door with a handful of freebies and so when he came back to collect the bottles and ask if we wanted to order i couldnt not really a milk drinker but i do like ice coffee in glass we ordered coffee milk, plain milk and a spirulina type green iron is so low i think it is the reason i have restless legs at the moment.the green thingo is really high in iron.koichi mixed it with half a glass of milk but i couldnt drink it in one go.i might see what it is like on cereal.i used to only be able to drink milk after eating fish and chips.and they dont serve milk at tempura restaurants here.tempura being the closest dish i get to fish and chips here.all they share in common is lots of oil.


manda said...

it was a real shock reading this post.... i know you are in japan ,but i kind of just imagine you in australia but far away. not in such a foreign country. i would LOVE to come (visit) save you. you need high iron levels to drag your futons out every day. omg. could not be bothered.... im too lazy to live in japan. more please xxx

Loretta said...

i cant believe u have to drag those futons out every day, such a huge effort, i think i will enjoy bed making from now on... So many different things to see, love it....Being saved, just a phonecall away... x x x x x

melindatrees said...

guilty of not dragging them out nearly as often as they need :-) i need to be dragged out and sunned.