vegetables and

early start to do the day and after 15 minutes of waking hana is in to it...

one of the good things about waking early on a sunday morning is we get first picks from the oragnic vegetable van which comes and parks around the corner from our house. its usually me and 5 or six middle aged women and one man with his dog who always goes for the cherry tomatoes waiting.this morning i was joined by koichi.recently he bought a nice vegetable cookbook so today it was cabbage cabbage and more cabbage.

he then went to the supermarket and bought some grapes.i like the pink box they came these ones arent peeled.we put them in the freezer and eat them when they have turned to sherbert.yum.


Loretta said...

how cute that you can buy vegetables from the little cart. Very glad the cute stage of babies with energy from the time they wake has passed in this house.. x x

sooz said...

Gorgeous! I want to send you luck dealing with your hump in the road. Email me if you want.