i have no power to get up to get my camera off the kitchen table to download the photos onto the computer to go with this post.the words better make up for waiting up tonight to buy a jesscia ogden top of yahoo is a tshirt with a print i love for ages of overlapping circles.i hope i get it although i just translated the text and found out it is a size would probably fit me if hana would decide how much milk she would like to drink so that i wasnt constantly engorged (and leaking).yesterday was a hell day.i would like to forget it but everytime i look at hana i am reminded of it by the purple swelling oval shape on her forehead.someone didnt put her belt on when she was sitting in the a restaurant i really didnt want to be the time of the day i really shouldnt have been there.where the floor just had to be concrete.poor little hana.she has never cried like that before and i have never felt so sick.and mad.and she is ok. she had a hellish week.fluctuating temperatures.little sharp things popping up in her mouth all over the carting her to all sorts of crowded places for my visa.i really got to take a breath. im running running.i wish i could just he does.not at all fazed by the house stuff, times. food, all of sister bought me tea.the package says cheery tea. i thought for days she had sent me cherry i love cherries.i wondered why there were no cherries in the ingredients.i was warmed by how my sister had known how much i love cherries (esp as they are inseason here now) and how nobody else really knows that about me.all along it was cheery tea.she told me on the phone when she ponted out that hers was energy tea (is that right??).i gotta get cheery and still eat my cherries.and watch out for my little cherub.


manda said...

oh my little hanny. this is just the beginning of bumps. lets hope they don't get worse since you've begun with the colour purple.
id like to give someone else a purple bump right now ;-)
and i wish there were cherries in that tea, i do know you love them...i do too. almost as much as chocolate. so cherries and tea and hana by your side (or on you) = cheery. X O X O X O X O X O X O

Loretta said...

Oh poor Hana and mummy, i'm sure that when they get hurt, mummies hurt even more. Do u have Olianda trees there Melinda??? lol .. Love you sis. x x x x

melindatrees said...

we have angel trumpets flowering, i looked at them just today and smiled.