year of the rabbit

was a public holiday in japan today.we all went to a bookshop.hana and i went upstairs to kids books while koichi stayed downstairs reading fashion magazines.then we swapped.
there was a book upstairs about making different animals from your mandarin draw on the peel the instructed lines and then make cuts and peel.i didnt know what to think.i kind of put it down just shaking my head.
when we got home koichi pulled it out of his bag.he had bought it.


hannna said...

That's a nice story! The rabbit is cute anyway. A bit magic maybe, to make it? Oh I miss the book stores. (Did you make himmeli? Our himmeli workshop didn't work out too well... It was more of a "kranssi" workshop, making round things out of branches and stuff.)

momo said...

cute orange rabbit! I so miss bookshops and library in Japan...

happy new year, melinda.

manda said...

the things they make books about! cute!

melindatrees said...

momo i have many books to give you one day.
hannna i did make himmeli.not as i wanted..i was going to make them for christmas presents for my family but realised that the customs laws in australia are so strict they probably wouldnt make it into the country becuase they are straw..
did you get the book?
i know manda.there are new books released all the time.