hana has lost the whoop. ive read so much about how long this disease is supposed to go on for that i am wondering does she really have it. .her cough is terrible when it appears but without going into too much detail she doesnt seem to be in as much discomfort as i had anticipated.she freaks out most when i give her medicine so i now have to alternate between mouth fulls of boob and medicine and i think i am weaning her by doing this.kind of like the japanese way of drawing scarey pictures on my boobs.traumatic.urrgh.her little lungs are working extra hard as i listen to her rattle in her sleep.i take her back to the hospital on friday.
im looking for a pattern to knit hana a hat and a sock pattern for someone who has no idea what they are doing.
ive been stitching single coloured logcabin patchwork squares by hand.
id love woollen carpet.
its getting cold already.

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manda said...

keep up the tender loving care of your hana matilda, sweet minda mumma xoxoxoxox