not going far from home.getting a sore bum sitting on the front my dill flower.maybe it is my favourite herb.hana has alot of congestion which they wanted to try encourage out of her at the hospital with 10 minutes of mist (but not early morning in the countryside mist) inhaling asthma treatment which i didnt really understand so said ah no.and the drugs are on for another week.but not sure about that either because i think they have done all they can. have resorted to bribes with chocolate which isnt doing good for the phlegm. have made a ginger and eucalyptus massage oil to try balance things out a little. need herbs.


mieke willems said...

hi! we were scrolling through your blog and saw some really nice things! we'll be back more often!!

jurate said...

Darling, I hope the babe is better better! your dill is beautiful; your kaleidoscope colours the world divine... best, Jx