old picture but i like it. i love when the teapot is clean before i decide i want to make a cup of free tea samples arent coming from lupica anymore.i miss them.
housebound at the moment so organising space so dreary hana doesnt trip over.i have far too many clothes i dont wear and books i dont read and fabric i dont sew.
back to the hospital tomorrow.hopefully no more antibiotics.hana cries tonight saying medicine is she going to get all this gunk out of her chest.


Brita said...

I have been thinking of you and Hana. I hope she is better soon and she doesn't have to take any more medicine x

ashley said...

yes me too! feel better :) i just spent an hour looking through your blog! such beautiful photos and wonderful stories... it makes me want to move to japan!

melindatrees said...

thanks brita.
thanks ashley, come visit!
hana is doing much better.